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We undertake local capacity building initiatives, which create significant longer-term social and economic impact plus with an eye to always look for potential world-wide partnerships. For instance, our proprietary cashew-based enabling technology transfers, are effectively translated into capital gains, with opportunities to provide skills development and training for local and international workers thus creating job force on local and world-wide basis.

L. Koné, President

Ivory Cashew President Mr. L. Koné is a leading entrepreneur from West Africa, with an eye for innovation and prospective development, with additional business experiences from Germany and USA. He is a staunch advocate towards effective business facilitation and also has been instrumental in hiring women work force towards economic solutions for development.

Unlimited Potential: meeting the needs of the American consumer

Losseni discusses African business, and about presentation to the American consumer.


American Markets: Differences in the American marketplace

Losseni briefly discusses the win-win added-value approach to the American market.